Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Where the hell did two weeks just go!?!?! I'm writing this from my desk at work, and I'm practically suicidal from having to troll through so many freaking e-mails... back to reality I guess. *sigh*

Well, I had a wonderful time on my honeymoon. I was very very active - 3 days of Skiing and tramping and then loads of swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving the next week! The highlight was definitely the scuba diving. I always thought that I was "too fat" to do scuba diving, but the wet suit and scuba tank went on and did up with no problems at all! I even had to wear a weight belt cos they needed more weight... how ironic!! *lol*

Food wasn't the main focus of my holiday (obviously other things were my focus during our honeymoon *wink wink*). I did miss the fact that I couldn't eat whatever took my fancy. My meals were really limited to soups, soft foods like risottos and stews while skiing (which was fine with me cos they were lovely and warming!) and then when we were in Fiji I was limited to cereal for breakfast, 1 scone (couldn't eat the second one), a couple of hot chips, loads of cocktails and soft drink. Which didn't worry me too much because it was really too hot to eat. We did work out that I could share my husbands meals, so for breakfast I would have his baked beans, mushrooms and the yolk of one of his eggs (he doesn't like baked beans), which would keep me going until well after lunch. I'd then pinch a few of his hot chips when we were sitting by the pool having lunch (which sometimes stayed down, sometimes came back up) and then for dinner it was a bit of a hit and miss. The fish, disappointingly, was very very meaty and tough. Not like the delicate atlantic salmon that I can normally eat. So while I can normally eat fish, I didn't do too well with the tropical fish selections they had. I would either eat some of my husband's meal, order a kids meal (cheaper!!) or have an entree and a dessert instead. One thing we did do, which was very norti was we bought packets of chips which went down really easy, which we wouldn't munch at the pool, when we were having our afternoon cocktails or while sitting in bed watching TV. Still, good news is that I didn't put on any weight... bad news is that I didn't lose any either. But lets just say I didn't give a flying fuck what I ate on my honeymoon... and it felt good! Magnum Ice Creams, Full cream hot chocolate drinks, chocolate mousse, creme caramels, creamy risottos, pringles, cocktails with cream in them, full sugar soft drinks, creme brulee... the list goes on. But if I hadn't had the band, I'd be 5kg heavier right now... thank god for my band!

Currently sitting on 87kg!

So now that i'm back, it's time to get back into the exercise routine at bit. Was at pump this morning, legs trembling... but well worth it. tomorrow will be a spin class in the morning and Abs Butts and Thighs at Lunchtime, Wednesday will be ABT again and Thursday night will be Body Jam. Friday will be a rest day and Saturday will be Spin/Pump combo.

Off to Thailand in 3 weeks!!! YAY! So can't wait. I would LOVE to be at 85kg by Thailand. Not sure if that is going to happen, but I'm sure as hell going to try! I've also decided not to get on the scales as often as I am... once a week is good enough.. not every day..

My goals for this week:
1. 7 gym classes this week
2. 2 L water every day - struggling at the moment cos I'm so freaking tight!
3. Protein/veg at each dinner meal
4. Soups for Lunch every day (limited calories)
5. No scale action until Sunday 3rd August
6 More blogging action!

Ok, that's it from me. Will catch up with everyones blogs as soon as I have some free time!

LBG xx


Bridget said...

Yay!! You are back! Glad you had an awesome time!

mjwdec73 said...

I love that you had to put a weight belt on - that is seriously cool!

Welcome back - I'm so glad you had a great time and I'm very jealous. Next stop Thailand - I'm sure you can hit that 85.