Thursday, July 10, 2008

2 sleeps to go!!

Soooooo excited about my up-coming Honeymoon! I'm off to New Zealand for a week and then flying over to Fiji. So it's a week of Skiing and a week of Sun and sand.. the best of both worlds really! Don't be jealous!

I picked up some snow clothes the other day. Size 16 fit me with jeans and a jumper on underneath! I look like a marshmallow, but I totally felt skinny. Got me thinking that if I hadn't lost the weight I don't know where I'd be getting my snow clothes from. My husband thinks I look so cute in my snow outfit! hehe

Food at the moment is really a hit and miss for me. I really struggle in the morning with breakfast to the point where I PB'd tea this morning! I really only eat one meal a day, usually dinner, which is quite small. During the day I just pick, or have crackers with cheese or cup-a-soups... I'm eating alot of carbs at the moment... and I know I should be having more protein but I'm finding it difficult to eat, I can't stomach canned tuna at the moment, and I have to have eggs with some sort of mayo otherwise it's too dry. I can eat turkey breast or chicken breast that is shaved and I'm managing some cold meats too, but not the salami type.

I had my last fill way back in Feb (I think)... you would think there would be SOME drop in restriction since then... but no.. nothing. I'm still just as tight as I was back then. Which is great, cos it's saving me $$$ getting those fills!

Exercise is still going well. I'm not going as often as I should, 4 times a week at the moment. But when I do go, it's hardcore and I burn between 400-500 calories at a time.

Anyhoo, best be off... this work isn't going to finish itself! Hopefully I'll get a chance to blog while I'm away... but don't hold your breath!

Before I forget - GOOD LUCK to Bridget who is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO close to getting under 100kg! If I'm not around for the momentous occasion, a BIG congratulations from me.. I will definitely be doing the happy dance for you!

And MJW - you are looking so amazing. Your before and after photos really do show such a massive difference :)

Much love,

LBG xx


Diz said...

Never been to New Zealand, but spent 3 weeks in Fiji. Cardo's Steakhouse in Port Denarau Marina has the best steak I've ever eaten...hands down. Also great seafood and a wonderful view across the water. And if you are SCUBA certified, some of the best diving in the world is at your fingertips. Have Fun! Congratulations.

mjwdec73 said...

I am so jealous that you are off to 2 of my favourite countries. Have a wonderful, wonderful time.

That is so cool that the 16 fitted you over jeans and a jumper - you have worked so hard to do that - congratulations.

Thank you - comments like yours just make my day.

Have a great time! xox

Bridget said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful comment!
I hope you have the best honeymoon! Take in everyday and appreciate it. You deserve it!