Saturday, June 28, 2008

Size 14... is this possible?

Ladies and Gents... I am.. right now, at this very moment, wearing... *drum roll please*. Size 14 pants! Ok, so they are tracksuit pants with a little bit of give.. but I am in a size 14! WooHoo!! It was my husband who said I should get the size 14 pants... when I immediately went for the size 16 on the rack. Lucky I did, because the Size 14 fit perfectly! Go me!!!

What else has been happening? I've been travelling a bit for work, so food has been a bit funny. I haven't been game to eat too much because I can't seem to get access to the foods that I can actually eat. Really hard to eat bread still, and while there is an abundance of sandwiches when I travel, I can only eat the insides. My work colleagues comment on how little I eat.. and I'm running out of excuses!!

I have finally got my wedding photos. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! We have to chose some now for our album... how do you chose from 1000 photos??? They are all so lovely... *sigh* some tough choices coming up!!

Food wise I'm coping OK. Some foods I just can't do, bread and pasta being the two biggies. But Rice and Potato I'm doing better with. Still not good with dryer meats (steak and chicken, pork and lamb) but able to get down mince, chicken in sauce and fish of course, which is fine because I'm not a big meat eater..

Honeymoon in 2 weeks... YAY!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends! Sorry I haven't been posting on your blogs recently... fucking hell I've been busy at work, travel, socially... I need a break!

Much Love

LBG xx


Bridget said...

Yay! Size 14! Go you!

Diz said...

Congrats on the size 14! It's so nice that you have a husband that recognizes the changes too. Sounds like you are winning all the way around!

going4goal said...

Congrats on size 14 pants!!

mjwdec73 said...

Size 14 pants - woohoo! Congratulations.

I guess it is only a week until the honeymoon now - how exciting. Have a great time.

Have fun choosing the photos for the album - from the ones I've seen they will be gorgeous.