Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Post Wedding Weight Gain

Totally went OTT with food after the wedding - Yum Cha, Ribs, Ice Cream - call it Marital Bliss?? Not sure - but I've put on just over a kilo!!! Couple that with no exercise and that's what you get eh?

Stepped up the pace a bit this week and bought some lovely fresh veges from the fruit market. I'm determined to get back on healthy eating and keep going with the exercise. Monday I did a Pump Class, Yesterday it was Abs Butts and Thighs, today I'm going to do ABT again, Tomorrow I'll do Cardio at lunch and Friday will be RPM at lunch, Saturday will be Spin and Pump. *phew*

I made a lovely spinach and leek puree which I've had with a mini quiche on Monday night and a mini Lasagne last night. It's fabulous how you can get "snack size" versions of main meals - perfect for little tummies like mine! I managed to get through the lasagne within 30 mins - it was the size of one and a half deck of cards - perfect! Today I've got a bowl of Chicken and Corn soup and a mini mandarin - they are in season at the moment and soooooooo cute!

I also wanted to comment on what Brent said in my previous post: "My point is, now, don't get so hung up on how much further you still have to improve your body. Start USING it, and the improvements will just happen."

Soooooooooooo true! While I will always focus on the scales - I'm going to put more effort into using my body. I've entered in the City to Surf in August and the 9km Bridge Run in September. I've spoken to a PT who is going to get me on a running program so I can train myself. I'm looking forward to the challenges I have set for myself :)

Thanks for reading! Come back soon!

LBG xx


brent said...


Bridget said...

The cool thing about the band is that you could have put on a lot more than a kilo without the band! Beautiful little things they are!
Saw your wedding pics.... so beautiful! Looks like a magical day was had!
I'm planning to do city to surf next year with a few banded buddies. We should get a little group together, Lol.

mjwdec73 said...

I liked what Brent said in that last comment too - thought it was so very true.

Gorgeous, gorgeous wedding photos - you looked just beautiful. More importantly, you looked so happy.

brent said...

aw shux.

what wedding photos?