Sunday, June 8, 2008

What now??

As the wedding is over, I've decided that I need to set myself some new goals with my weight loss. While I was focusing on weight loss for my wedding, I need to do this for the rest of my life, so I need to focus on the future and what I need to do to achieve my goal weight. So lets revisit what's going on here:

December 2005 I was 116kg.
2 February 2007 - Lapband Surgery date - weight was 108.6kg
Today (8th June 2008) - I weigh 86.4kg
Thats a total weight loss of 29.6kg.
My goal weight is 68kg - 70kg -this will mean that my BMI is around 24-25.

Some big dates coming up before the end of the year:
1. Honeymoon - 12 July 2008
2. Thailand - 15 August 2008
3. Gold Coast Girls Weekend away - October long weekend
4. Summer - 1 December 2008
5. Christmas 08 - 25 December 2008
6. New Years Eve 08 - 31st December 2008

I would love to be at my goal weight 2 years on from my surgery, but my aim is to get there by then end of the year...

Have a great Sunday!

LBG xx


brent said...

Can I make a suggestion?

Honestly, you'd be able to do the 100km without that much training.

You're fit now, you've lost the easy weight ('easy'). The next weight loss goals are going to be much harder. I'm sure you know this - but it's probably going to be much much harder to lose the next 30kg.

But that's my point. You're at a stage now where you can start to LIVE your life rather than PREPARE for it.

Showing up to the gym 4 times a weeks is rehearsal. Going on a surfing holiday up the east coast is the real thing.

What I'm trying to say is that this might be a good juncture to start thinking of goal ACHIEVEMENTS rather than goal WEIGHT. For instance, for me, I had my heart set on doing the 210km ATBIAD last year as well as being to go rockclimbing at Mt Arapiles this year. I _did_ both of those things, and in the process lost 10 or 15kg.

This year I'm going to go climbing again in Sept, then the 210 ATBIAD again this year in late Oct. I honestly don't care how much weight I lose or don't lose in the training, but I know for a fact that A) it's going to be a positive number B) I'm going to feel great as I get into form C) I'm going to have soooo much fun and D) I'm going to be so satisfied with what I've done.

My point is, now, don't get so hung up on how much further you still have to improve your body. Start USING it, and the improvements will just happen.

Either way, more power to you. You're doing great.

mjwdec73 said...

I'm so impressed that you are reassessing your goals - what a great thing to do. You really do give me so much inspiration.

Brent has given me some great ideas too - love other commenters :)

Bridget said...

I think its so important to have goals. I just started making some for myself.
You are such a determined and motivated person that I completely believe that you will do this.

Diz said...

How awesome that you're re-evaluating and setting more goals. I love all the other comments above and I love where "Brent's" head is at! I think I'm going to think about things I can do also. You go Girl!