Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Doctors Appointment Today!

Today I went to see my lapband surgeon for a check-up. The last time I saw him was 2 months ago. I was 103kg. Today I was 97.4kg on his scales... so that was a loss of 5.6kg in 2 months. Totally happy with that, and so was my surgeon. He wants to see me in 2 months to have my bloods done and another weight check. My cholesterol and BP is normal, my triglyceride levels were a little high and my iron levels a little low. I gave him a copy of my food diary, which he looked through and we discussed. He is really happy with my progress. I told him that I'll be in the 80's the next time I see him on September 10th! So I've really got to step it up now... 7.5kg in 2 months... that's 1.9kg more than the last 2 months!

Bring on the challenge!

He also did my measurements. I've lost 15cm off my waist and 7cm off my hips since the surgery. My surgeon said that because I was starting to get some loose skin now that it was more difficult to measure my waist properly but he was still happy with my progress.

I love my band :)

LBG xx


Lap Band Reney said...


WOOHOOOOOOOO!!! Good on ya mate!!! Excellent news.

You rock!!


Sandra D said...

Truly inspirational to myself. I have just been recently banded. Keep Going!!


Anonymous said...


You're doing a brilliant job! Keep up the good work. Hope you're feeling better - I read you were having back problems. Hope that you're up and about!