Saturday, August 4, 2007

AWOL... not much to report

Nothing has been happening... absolutely nothing. I'm living with the band, it's getting easier every day, and there are days when I still slip up and have to visit to loo to relieve myself, but everything is fine and dandy.

I must admit, I have been stable with my weight since my last post. I think with winter and my back injury I've found it a little difficult to find the motivation to exercise in the cold... and warming comforting foods are... well.. they're warm and comforting.. and I'm eating them, and they're going down really easy - soups, casseroles and the like... things with sauces in them, where the meat is so tender it just melts in your mouth and thus slips through the band easily. Now you may be thinking, she needs a fill then. No, I don't... I've got good restriction.. and when I eat the right foods - wholegrains, veges, lean meats and fruit I get full on small portions, but I have to admit, I haven't felt like fruit salads and grilled chicken lately... I know which foods keep me full and I know which ones slip through the band... and I'm just choosing the latter more often than the former. It will get easier once we slip into the warmer weather...

Hope all is well with your band :)

LBG xx

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