Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Mikey Robins on Australian Story

I just watched the Australian Story about Mikey Robins, an Aussie comedian who, through the help of laproscopic lap banding, went from nearly 150kg to around 85kg... WOW! His story was really amazing and I related alot to him. He was honest and emotional. The good thing about the interview is that they didn't go on about the surgery too much, but more about his journey from being morbidly obese with all the associated problems that go with it, to the slim man that he is today with boundless amounts of energy. I was afraid that going into the detail about the surgery and what he can and can't eat now might of opened a can of worms and placed yet another negative connotation connected with weight loss surgery. They showed a couple of scenes of a surgery in progress and a snippet of Mikey discussing his progress with his weight loss surgeon, but it didn't focus on the surgery (the pros and the cons). I hope that this interview inspires more people to consider weight loss surgery.


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Anonymous said...

Gidday -

Thanks for the URL to the Australian Story about Mikey Robins. I am considering getting a lap band and was amazed to read I am almost the same age, weight and size as Mikey. I even live in Newcastle! I found it very inspirational.

Good luck and thanks again.