Thursday, July 5, 2007

Another fill required?

I think I need another fill - I've been watching the portions creep up ever so slowly. The other night I ate about a cup of pasta plus spag bol sauce. The first few mouthfuls got stuck (I was hungry and didn't chew properly) so they came up, but after that I was able to eat the rest of the bowl. Last night we had left over spag bol, so I decided to have 1/2 cup pasta and some spag bol sauce, but that only took me about 15 mins to eat and then I was still hungry... so I had a lite apple pie with some lite ice cream which went down a treat... I'm seeing my band doctor on the 18th so I'll chat with him then... but for now, cos I'm not exercising as much I'm really having to watch what I eat..

Does anyone else have that problem, when the first few mouthfuls of dinner get stuck, once they clear (either go through the band or get brought up) then you find you can eat more?

Just curious...

LBG xx


Lap Band Reney said...

Hey girl,

I had food get stuck last night and after it came out I went the other way I did not want any more food, I didnt want water, I didnt want anything. I was full and content.

You have a lot more experience than I do , but to me, it sounds as if you may need another fill.


Anonymous said...

Hi Erika,

Hope the fill does the job for you. I had a fill a week and a half ago and I'm heading back for another one on Thursday cos I can suddenly eat a lot more than I previously could. Can't wait for restriction!


Honey4evr said...

I'm experiencing exactly the same thing...something gets stuck, I PB, and then can go back and eat a bunch. I need a fill, but have had so many food issues, that I just can't bring myself to do it!

Good for you for counting calories, Lord knows I should be!