Friday, May 4, 2007

In the 102's!!!

Jumped on the scales to reveal 102.9kg... Go me!! That's 300g shy of 6kg I have lost since having the lap band operation. I've also worked out that I'm losing on average 500g/week which is what I wanted. Saturday is official weigh in, I would love to report 102.6kg tomorrow to make it an even 6kg lost in 12 weeks... wouldn't that be awesome??

Last night I ate some hot chips rather quickly... and needless to say my band didn't like it much... so I PB'd and was a little tender for the rest of the night. I had a delish smoked salmon salad (a small one!) and was full full full after that... It feels sooooooo good to be full. And I'm starting to get over the mental "getting upset when I can't finish a meal" thing... which is great.

Speak soon!

LBG xx

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