Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Back up to 103, but that's OK!

After a salt/pizza ladened weekend I expected to put on a kilo or so.. but it was only 100g, so I'm back up to 103.0kg and am aiming to go down this week. I keep remembering that my brain is not banded, so I need to constantly monitor what I'm eating (it's just like I wasn't banded!!!). I suppose I could do with another fill if I really wanted - but I find I've got enough restriction to eat a cup of food and feel full, sometimes I push the boundaries and force more in, which I know is totally wrong.. but I do pay for it sometimes. I continue to serve my meals on bread and butter plates which helps.

I am totally happy with my rate of weight loss at just under 500g/week. If I keep going the way I am going, I will reach goal by mid next year, which is totally ok with me.

Hope you are all doing well!

LBG xx

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