Friday, May 11, 2007

Going to get another fill..

I can eat too much. I had lunch with Kat (another bandit), she barely got through her soup and I finished off 2 cups of salad. So while my meal was healthy, I can eat too much. So I'm going to ring the clinic today and book myself in for a fill ASAP. I hope they can fit me in for Monday! (just rang the clinic - booked in for Tuesday at 8am! Yay!)

Down to 102.3kg today, so that's 6.3kg lost in total. I want it to be more, but I guess I can't complain. I'm so close to double digits!!!

Today I'm going to Yum Cha for lunch today with work. Will be interesting to see what I can and can't eat, but at least it won't look sus that I'm not eating much because it's the whole pick off plates thing. I find that when that happens, everyone is too caught up in what they're eating to notice that I'm not eating much!!

Have a lovely weekend!

Erica xx


Anonymous said...

hey just found your blog my names darren and yes am a bloke i had my lap band dones wedenesday and its been great to find your blog now i know what i should really expect i have read other reviews but they all seem to be promotion some weight loss surgery clinic so it is nice to see a honest report. thanks for taking the time out to write this and i look forward to reading the updates

Irene said...

i personally find your blog inspirational and "real". i commend you for your honesty. your blog proves to me that just becasue you have a lap band inside you it isnt a "magical" cure that we overweight people are searching for (okay, maybe i am just speaking for myself) just becasue we have this band inside us we still have to tackle our daily demons.
i truly enjoy reading your blog and am thrilled with your weight loss.