Tuesday, July 26, 2011

PCOS Update

Hey all,

Lots has happened since the last time I posted.

My baby turned 1... OMG, he's getting so big. He is WALKING now, says simple words and is just a joy and a delightful little boy. I love being his mama! :)

I went to my doctor to discuss my options with my PCOS. He put me on metformin 1000mg. 2 days after my last post, Aunt Flo arrived.. So that cycle was 47 days long. I started another cycle on 17th June and started temperature charting. Very very interesting! I ovulated on CD 23 and my cycle shortened by 11 days to CD 36! Hooray!

Here is a link to my fertility friend chart if you're interested - here.

Most likely means the metformin is working. Also, I have lost 3kg, without doing anything different other than taking the metformin. WooHoo! My hunch was right, I am insulin resistant and the metformin is what I need to get my ovaries working again!

So, currently on CD3 of my next cycle. If my cycle is the same as last month, I should be ovulating mid-August. I reaaaaaaaaaally hope I do ovulate mid August (and fall PG) cos I would LOVE to surprise DH for father's day this year (4th September)... it would be perfect.

Other than that, my lapband is giving me the shits... big time. I REALLY don't want to go and get fill out, but I can't physically eat til after lunch and drinking is a struggle until lunchtime. Dinner time seems to be OK... but if I've had a bad day with food and lots of PB'ing then I'm stuffed for dinner. I don't know if it's TTOM but it's been particularly bad over the past couple of days. So bad that I PB'd in my sleep last night! (and I had soup for dinner... like.. WTF??). 4.5 years on and I am still struggling.

Anyhoo, thanks for reading. Sorry I don't post as often as I would like. I'm just so busy being a mummy and working and having a life that I neglet this little blog..

LBG xx


~Raena said...

Metformin can make you very sick to your stomach and make you go to the bathroom easily and suddenly while you're adjusting to it. Also you could try to drink some hot tea before you try to eat, it seems to loosen the band a bit for some reason. Good Luck.

Melissa said...

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 20 and tried for years to have a baby. Was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2001 and put on Metformin. Noone bothered telling me it was a treatment for PCOS (lol, we'd stopped trying, given up and were making new plans), and I got pregnant 18 months later!

Your little one is adorable.

mommymug said...

I am getting my Lap Band on Thursday and I also have PCOS. I have known about it for some time and I also usually take metformin, though I haven't in almost a year now b/c I just had a baby 11 weeks ago. I wanted to let you know that there is a website, if you haven't heard of it yet, called soulcyster.com I believe is how it is spelled. TONS of great advice and support if you are in need of it! I hope you are able to get pregnant like you are hoping!

Also, The issues you describe with your band are the EXACT SAME issues my father has. He can't take anything most days until noon and even then it is a struggle and he has PB all the time. He finds that it is best to eat meals that are saucy as well and he usually has a glass of milk with EVERY meal! It is frustrating for him as well. I wish I had better news or an idea for you both but alas I have nothing. I just wanted to tell you so you know you aren't some freak, or out of the norm or by yourself, sometimes that helps! I will be following your blog so I hope you continue to post, even if you become pregnant! I hope to have another child in a couple years and will have the band then!

Anonymous said...

Hi there i am 30 year old guy thinking on getting the lapband and just read your blog. wow i thought it was the easy way out but it is as much work as before.

Be strong!



HCG Diet Drops said...

Thnaks for the words of encouragement. I think this is great.

Bunny said...

hey hun, your second half of post summed up my life. 4.5 yrs on like you and the band is still a bastard. don't get the unfill. Go with the swine and just give it what it wants. I nearly had an unfill the other day as I could eat NOTHING at all. I puked about 20 times on the sips of green tea I tried to get down. The next day was all hunky dory. Fuck knows it's so godamn fickle.

My day - drink only green tea/ mint/other herbal type shit until midday, sometimes longer. always drink it before soup too. Soup for lunch, followed by something more substantial... like mash potato or rice, interspursed with mouthfuls of tea. then repeat process in the evening. Normally by evening I can eat any shit I please.. crisps, cake, chocolates, chinese, chips. random is not the word. I just gotta cut the crap food out of my life and eat a nice plate of salad or whatever in the evening.

we are in it for the long haul baby gurl! And if you get preggers!! WHOOOOOOO lets hope so.

Soglad you are still blogging... a lot of the old crew have dropped off the radar. :)


Gemma said...

Thanks for sharing hon - it's good to know how it goes for people. I'm finding it all rather slow at my end, and I'm only 6 months in. I almost find it too hard to read blogs where its all going too right for people - I get so jealous that it hasn't clicked perfectly for me too (which is bad, but I guess I can't help it...). Anwyay, sounds like you are doing amazingly - and especially when you have a little boy to look after as well! hugs xx

Anonymous said...

Im so happy I found your blog! I was wondering about what if i get pregnant after i get my lapband and other stuff that you answered for me :)

Anonymous said...
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