Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Hello Blogland!

It has been a while.. Things got busy.. Life, ya know, gets in the way sometimes. I've been meaning to blog for a while.

So here I am, I have a 21 month old boy who is just a-freaking-dorable and the apple of my eye.... I can't believe how lucky I have been as a mother to this kid. He is just the coolest little guy on the face of the planet. He is running everywhere.. has as much energy as a nuclear power plant, he can count to 10 (with help), knows shapes and is starting to sound out letters of the alphabet. He sleeps 12 hours a night, a fucking BRILLIANT sleeper, and gives me the bestest kisses and cuddles. He says "mama" and "dada", knows the actions to "heads, shoulders, knees and toes", loves being tickled by the "tickle monster" and is just an all round cool little boy.

PCOS update

Since I last posted, I went on metformin to help regulate my cycles and give me a better chance of falling pregnant. I started the Metformin and started having regular cycles. Well, regular for me.. 31-46 day cycles is NORMAL compared to the 100 day cycle it took for me to conceive my son. I had my gall bladder out August 29th 2011.. it needed to be done, I was getting intermittent pain and I didn't want to be pregnant and have my gall bladder flare up and have surgery... so out it came. An overnight visit to hospital and was back at work the next week. Easy peasy! For the operation I had to have fill taken out... I had been tracking at around 90kg for a while.. which is comfortable for me. But, with the fill taken out, I noticed the weight gain and was getting a bit down about it...

But the weight gain was for a different reason... a month after my gall bladder op I started to feel sick, in the mornings, and so very very tired... so I decided to pee on a Home Pregnancy test (I had some internet cheapies left over from my first pregnancy, out of date I am sure!).

Well much to my surprise... I saw two lines..


We had fallen pregnant, naturally (with the help of Metformin), AGAIN.

Shocked.. yep. Excited... hell yes! I wasn't expecting it to happen this quickly, but 3 cycles after I started the metformin and with less BD than I would have liked, we managed to catch the egg and are now expecting another baby, due early June 2012.

So here I am, 28 weeks and 5 days pregnant today. I sailed through the 1st trimester with very few complaints. The morning sickness and overwhelming tireness was incredible, but alot of it was due to the fact that I couldn't rest when I wanted to because of my active little boy. The 2nd trimester passed with the blink of an eye... I only remembered I was pregnant when, at the end of a long day, I would be sitting on the couch and feeling the baby move and kick I would remember that I was indeed pregnant.

Now, as I've started the third trimester, I've started not sleeping properly, I'm breathless, the heartburn is back and my back is started to get sore. I've gained 8kg since falling pregnant, normal but so not cool for a person with a lapband!

The gender remains a mystery to us. We will find out on the day of JuneBug's birth. Mama's intuition thinks it's another boy. The pregnancy has been exactly the same. We shall see.

Also, this time round I DIDN'T develop Gestational Diabetes like I did for my first pregnancy. WooHoo!!

OK, that's about it from me for now. I'll promise to post more often.

Thanks for Reading!!


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