Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CD46 - Ugh!

Cycle Day 46 and still no sign of Aunt Flo. So frustrated that my body doesn't do what it's supposed to do.. Yet, I carried a baby to term. Why did my body work when pregnant but doesn't work now?

and No, I'm not pregnant..

So what now? Visit to my doctor next week to get a hormone panel taken so we can see what my hormone levels are doing. Maybe another ultrasound to see if I have cysts on my ovaries and then we'll discuss the next steps... Metformin? Fertility Specialist for Clomid/Provera etc.

In other news, my baby boy turns 1 next week. OMG, seriously... he is going to be 1!!! I can't believe how time has flown. He is so close to walking it's not funny. He cruises all over the furniture but when he stands by himself he isn't confident enough to take any steps forward and just plonks on his butt. Super cute. He'll be walking in the next few weeks, I just know it!

He babbles and squeals... I wish I could bottle his giggles and laughter because they ALWAYS make me smile.

I am so lucky to be this little boy's mama. I am truely blessed.

Speaking of blessings - my very very good friend has found out she's having TWINS after thinking she'd miscarried. So so thrilled for her, and looking forward to seeing her belly and excitement grow. I would LOVE to have twins... that would be AMAZING.

LBG xx


Crystal said...

Hey there. Did some googling as I am having my Lap Band consult tomorrow and I dont know anyone that has one! Found your blog and you have done awesome! Not sure how active you are on here but come "see" me too!

Off to read some more about your journey :)

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I wish your ultrasound be positive :)

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