Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Feeding Frenzy

Now that I don't eat much any more, I can really step back and see how much food revolves around christmas celebrations - whether it's gold coins or candy canes on the tree, to mince pies with a cup of tea before bed, to Christmas lunches, dinners and parties all with their own array of delicious foods and drink, there is always food around!!

I love the fact that my band really helps me get through the Christmas "cheer" without too much damage on the other side. That coupled with regular exercise should see me through relatively unscathed. Must admit though, I am loving short bread at the moment, which melts through the band (unfortunately). It's my vice... with a hot cup of tea before bed time. Luckily I don't like things like mince pies, christmas pudding or fruit cake and would prefer a fresh mango, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, nectarines etc.

I also took a break from the gym last week. I was putting too much pressure on myself to try and go 5 times, and each time I was working really really hard and not enjoying it as much as I would of liked. So I decided to take some time out from the gym last week (also because I did an abs, butts thighs class and absolutely killed my legs). Now I'm feeling more refreshed and able to get into my workouts with a new found energy that I was lacking before. I did a spin class this morning and loved it, and yesterday I cranked up my HR to nearly 180 bpm with a massive treadmill incline. Was great!

That's all from me for today. Thank you to all who posted such lovely comments on my blog. And thanks to Anon for your kind words. You are right, blogging does help me and I won't stop (unless you piss me off again... hehe).

Keep safe.

LBG xx


Melanie said...

I agree - too much focus on food around Christmas but as you say ther summer fruits are fab (one compensation on not having a cold Christmas). I do hoever love the mince pies etc which I find float through the band like a Christmas angel!! BTW I made some of your beetroot dip and it was yummy.

Bridget said...

Soooooooooooo glad you are back blogging. I missed it!
My first Xmas banded- I am nodding my head reading your post. Christmas takes on a whole different meaning- and I love it!

Nola said...

Yep, me too....agree with all you said! I don't like the pies, or fruit cakes and that type of thing either....but I do rather fancy the worst things of all like trifle and pavlova and creamy stuff!! Hopefully my band will see me through as well. I also love shortbread....but I haven't come across any yet:)