Monday, December 22, 2008

Bad food choices

So as I mentioned in a previous post, Christmas is all about food, and this weekend just past was no exception.

It started off well. I wasn't really in to breakfast, so I had lunch at around 11:30. 1 tin tuna with some onion, some nori (seaweed) and some cucumber sticks with the skin off. Noice and healthy. I went to a wedding in the evening. Had 1 canape and some champers.. then for some bizarre reason, I was able to eat the three course meal! Had a mushoom tart for starters (kinda quiche like so nice and soft), Main was a lovely piece of fish with some sauteed spinach, potatos and a merlot reduction. The white fish and sweet merlot reduction was weird tasting, but the fish was beautifully cooked and so soft and easy to eat. I only had one potato and a taste of the spinach, but managed to get most of the fish down. Dessert was a creme brulee with a pink champagne sorbet... enough said.. I think I was able to eat it because there was such a length of time between meals. Not to mention the fact that the wine was flowing and I was sipping in between bites which was helping the food go down no problems.

Yesterday (Sunday) I had a girlfriend down for lunch/nibbles. I had a cheese platter, crackers, dip and some chocolates. That was pretty much all I ate all day, but it was high in fat and probably not the best choices for me as it was just nibble stuff which goes down easy.

So I've decided that moving forward I'm really going to concentrate on whole food, that hasn't been processed to death and cooking from scratch. So tonight I'm making a lentil vegetable pie with a kumera mash on top (and Sausages for husband and father in law). I can't do sausages so I'll just stay away from them.

At the moment, I'm snacking on mango. I cut up this massive mango and have had it sitting by my computer for the past 40 mins. So delicious, but so freaking filling. Yum.

So the plan (at least for the days before christmas) for meals and snacks:
1. Fruit/Yoghurt for Breakky
2. Beans/Lentils instead of red meat
3. Fish/Chicken for dinner
4. Nuts/Fruit for Snacks
5. Raw cut up vegetables for lunch with home made hummus or tatziki

Christmas and boxing day will be a write off, but I do plan to bring so chick pea burgers to the BBQ on boxing day so that I'm not subjected to steak/sausages!

have a good day!

LBG xx


Melanie said...

So true what you say about food - I know when I'm sipping wine and the nibblies are out I can consume huge amounts of calories by washing rubbish through the band. At least the band offers some limits on the indulgences.

mjwdec73 said...

It is so weird that sometimes you can keep multiple courses down, but other times you struggle with one. I did it NYE - and I'm still stunned. I'm struggling with the whole foods too - I need to remind myself of that every day.