Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Loving my band..

I'm not sure if I've mentioned recently that I love my band. Well I do... it is the best thing I could have possibly done for myself. Sure, it hasn't been easy, and I still have to work at losing weight... but after all is said and done, I wouldn't have changed it for the world. I keep on thinking that I should be losing weight more quickly, and I am still disappointed in myself that in the 8.5 months I've had this band, I've lost almost 16kg.. Ok, Ok, I know... that's around 2kg a month... and considering I was out of action with my exercise for around 3 months because of my back AND I changed jobs twice... I have to keep telling myself that I'm doing pretty darn good!

Anyhoo, I weighed in at 92.9kg the other day. YAY! I'm in the 92's and looking straight down the barrel of the 80's... I thought I'd be excited when I got into the 90's, fuck, I don't know how I'm going to react when I see that sweet sweet number 8 replace "that's so 90's" number 9. I will cry... I am totally going to cry.

I had to reschedule my check up with my surgeon until 9th November just cos I can't make my 2nd November appointment anymore... and so that gives me 3.5 weeks to get into the 80's. I told my doctor that the next time he saw me I'd be in the 80's and dammit, that's what is going to happen!! 3.0kg to go.... bring it on!

LBG xx


Dark_Princess said...

Good work babe you're on fire!

Dee said...

You'll be in the 80's before you know it. And girlfriend, you have a cry when you get there! I remember telling everyone (including the local shop keeper!)when I hit 79.6kg after not seeing my weight in the 70's for 15 years. I'm dead excited for you!

Holly said...

I read your entire blog last night. I found it absolutely inspirational and full of useful information, particularly regarding eating. Congratulations on your progress and thank you for sharing. I feel much more informed now having read your blog. Most of the weight loss centres offer identical factual information, but do not address the real person questions and concerns. Will keep following your blog for sure!