Sunday, September 23, 2007

I LOVE my band

Sometimes I love my band, sometimes I hate my band... at the moment, I am totally loving my band, and if I could... I would open myself up and kiss my lovely piece of silicon that's wrapped around my stomach... Hrmm. Ok, maybe not...

I weighed in at 95.4kg today. I know, I'm becoming a little scales obsessed but I just can't help it. I love seeing the numbers drop every couple of days. When I don't lose weight, the scales are my enemy and I put them away and only weigh in once a week.. but when I'm going through a good drop, I can be known to weigh in 2-3 times a day..

Just to give you an idea of what I'm eating at the moment:
BF: nothing, or a protein shake. (always have a berocca performance, iron tablet and fish oil when I first wake up and then a cuppa tea when I first get to work)
MT: half an apple or half an orange
L: Can of tuna, half a tomato, few slices of avocado, cucumber and capsicum (normally don't get through it all) or one of those small healthy choice twin pack frozen meals or a toasted cheese sandwich (normally leave the crusts so probably eat around 3/4 of it)
MT: the other half of the piece of fruit I was eating, or a can of coke zero if I'm not particularly hungry, or a Le snack or a cup a soup
D: 1 cup of something. I have these small ramiken dishes that I put my meals into now... or on a bread and butter plate... sometimes my band won't like what I've eaten, so it's normally with extra sauce
S: Cup of tea with or without 2 chocolate chip bikkies or 1 scoop icecream with chocolate sauce.

Averaging 1000 cals/day and exercising 5 times during the week burning around 500 cals per session.

I feel like I've gotten control of the band a little bit now and am working it to my advantage. It also really helps that I have some awesome bandit friends who I can turn to for advice or a bit of a whinge.

Speaking of which, one of my bandit mates and gym buddies is going into hospital on Tuesday to have a TUMMY TUCK after losing over 40kg. GOOD LUCK HONEY!!!

Enough from me. Enjoy what's left of the weekend!

Will post soon.

LBG xx

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