Saturday, September 22, 2007

Goodness gracious me!

What a month! My back totally fucked up at the end of August and I ended up having a partial discectomy to remove the piece of disc pressing on a nerve running down my leg. So, no exercise for this little chicken and consequently no weight loss either. I even had to cancel my fill appointment with Dr B as I was in hospital at the time.

4 weeks later and I'm back at the gym and feeling fantastic. NO MORE PAIN!! I'm even down to 96.1kg which is 100g off 20kg lost (since my heaviest).

I've been concentrating on foods that I know will make me feel fuller eating less of it, so chocolate is a no-no. Things like fruit and veges and lean protein (no surprises there!). Not PB'ing as much at the moment, only on the odd occasion when I get REALLY hungry and wolf something down and then think "Oh-Oh" as I know the inevitable is going to happen. Up it comes and I'm good again.

Will post more now that I'm back on the weight loss bandwagon again.


LBG xx

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