Sunday, March 25, 2012

Swimming lessons with a 21 month old!

I love my weekends, especially now that I've gone back to work full time to earn more money for when #2 comes along. Sunday's are particularly crazy for us as we start the day off early with a 9am swimming lesson with L. One parent has to be in the pool and I've been volunteering because it's been an easy way for me to get 30mins of exercise in and I just love spending time with L in the pool.

L just loves swimming. Every Sunday we say 'would you like to go swimming with mummy?' to which he nods his head vigorously and runs off to find his swimming trunks which he hands to us and claps his hands his delight. When he's at the pool he wants to get in straight away and we have to make sure we hold in to him super tight until the class before finishes so we can get it the water. So hard trying to distract an almost 2 year old when they don't understand why they can't get in the water straight away. So we cuddle in the shower at the pool for a few minutes which is getting harder and harder with my 29 week bump trying to carry him!

When L is in the pool it's nothing but squeals of pure delight, splashing and hand clapping. He kicks with such enthusiasm which has resulted in a few kicks to the belly (not so fun). He has learnt to hold his breath, swim under water and reach out to me. He can monkey walk across the side of the pool (whilst making monkey sounds!) and can turn around and swim to me if he is holding on to the edge. Super super cool.

He is no where near swimming by himself yet but he has improved so much since we started back in November. I am so proud of him :)

And we get to do this all over again when #2 comes along! There will probably be a time when both hubs and I are in the pool with both kids for swimming lessons! Hope that doesn't last too long.

Thanks for reading!

LBG xx

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