Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Liver Rocks!

Tried makeing this Chicken Liver Pate Recipe from Balanced Bites website today and it turned out AWESOME. The thought of eating any organ meat turns my stomach, but I pushed past it and gave it a go. OMG, so good. AND... PERFECT bandit food! It is so rich in nutrition it is AMAZING to think what this little organ has in it. Folate through the roof.. important for all your trying or already pregnant ladies!

Seriously, have it on crackers, dipped in with veges or as your "meat" part of your meal if you're having a particularly hard lapband day.

I substituted the wine for balsamic vinegar and it turned out just fine - sweet and sour... such a richness to it.

And the best part... 500g of chicken livers cost me $2... yep... SO CHEAP. I made probably 10 times the amount of pate that I would get if I store bought some for $5 and I swear it tastes a million times better. It took me 30mins to make..

I'm even gonna give it to my one year old for dinner tonight with some smooshed up broccoli.

I will never buy store bought pate again...



Anonymous said...

I've never made anything from chicken liver other than dog food, but it never really occured to me that I could make my own pate. Thanks for the recipe!

Matriarchy said...

I used to like liverwurst as a kid, but I think it's high fat, and probably made from leftover bits of conventionally-raised animals. This is a great idea to get my iron, and I have a source for organic pastured chicken livers. I like things on crackers when I have a tight-band day. Hummus is a go-to, an this will give me another. How long does it keep in the fridge?

chicago lap band doctors said...

Same with me. I have never tried this recipe. Thanks for sharing this recipe here.

Anonymous said...

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