Monday, December 14, 2009

12 weeks 1 day

My little munchkin.... I present you with Rupert!!
Yes he is very cute, even if I do say so myself!
Ultrasound went just great, and our risk of the baby having down's syndrome is 1:13,338 so we are extremely low risk. Big sigh of relief! Rupert was moving so much during the scan. at one point the sonographer kind of jiggled my uterus and he went nuts inside, moving his little arms and legs. So cute! Next scan isn't until the end of January when we find out if its a girl or a boy! How exciting!
thank you so much for everyone who reads and comments on my blog. I accidentally rejected all the comments made recently.
One question I had (from someone I forget their name - so so sorry!!!) - but the question was - do I think I would have been able to lose the weight without the band and the answer is most definitely NO. But it's more than that - it's the fact that I don't have to think about dieting anymore, I don't have the pressure on me that I did before to continuously struggle to lose each kilo. I can eat normally (normal for me now is to have mega small portions!! I feel weird if I have a big plate of food infront of me and I'm used to serving myself small portions on a side plate) and I know what foods I can and can't eat. I love my band. I haven't had any fill taken out for the pregnancy and as a result I've only gained 2kg in 12 weeks!
Mummy update: Yep I'm feeling 10 gazillion times better now that the first trimester is over! The morning sickness has lifted quite a bit and I'm not so tired in the evenings anymore. Was at the gym 3 times last week buring 600 cals per session and I felt fantastic afterwards. Very conscious of my heart rate when I exercise so I am wearing a monitor to ensure that it doesn't go above 150 beats per minute. I'm eating all sorts of fruits and salads (I heart summer!!) and I'm not having any problems with getting stuck or vomiting. But I'm still getting that amazing restriction. Love it! I can also slightly feel my uterus if I palpate above my pubic bone... it just feels really firm. I'm not showing yet, but my pants are tight now so hopefully not too long until I look pregnant and not just fat! *lol*
Hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for leaving your comments! I love receiving them!
Love Love,
LBG xx


Anonymous said...

aww how exciting!! cute ultrasound pic :-)

My next scan is 20th January and will hopefully find out the sex too - I can't wait to know what we are both having :-)

I am finding myself super excited now that I am out of the first trimester and I am guessing you are too :-)

SkinnieMinnie said...

how adorable! and good on you for putting your body first and not worrying about gaining weight.

The Dash! said...

This is just so fantastic.. I was thinking of you wondering how you and baby were faring and there he is!! Such a beautiful pic. So glad everything is chugging along just as it should be and you've only gained 2 kilos? Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else disturbed by the phrase "jiggled my uterus"??? Oh my goodness LBG!!! I'm freaking out!

Gorgeous pic though and glad everything is going so well!

Have you announced to everyone yet?

Em :)

Orange County Plastic Surgeon said...

Congratulations on your weight loss and the upcoming new addition!

We love hearing success stories!