Sunday, January 27, 2008

Reading other Blogs

I love reading other people's blogs... those of us out there who have chosen to keep a diary account of our lives with our new silicone friends, helping us shed the excess weight and reading the trials and tribulations of food getting stuck, dealing with ignorance and the joys that weight loss brings. I really love it!

I am reading a couple of blogs at the moment about Newbies with Bands. I've been banded nearly a year, and I still learn new things about it every day! Like yesterday, I realised that I can't do certain exercises because of where the port is positioned. But I digress...

So I'm reading these people's blogs with interest, mainly because I was in the exact same position and frame of mind as them back when I was first banded. The operation, liquids stage... mushies.. feeling full on half a cup of food, the amazement at not being hungry all the time and the joy of being in control of your food intake... it is really great to read.

I've started to think about what I think about my band and food now that I've had this band for nearly a year. My attitude certainly has changed since I was newly banded to now. Over the past year I've really had to learn how to eat again, and how I view food.
1. I still get upset and frustrated when I can't eat everything on my plate. That is a continuous head battle with me..
2. When I'm hungry, and I mean truely hungry, I eat way too fast and things go horribly horribly wrong..
3. When I go out for a meal, I panic when I get served massive massive portion sizes. I also worry every time I go to my parents for dinner as I feel like I'm lying to them about what I'm doing to lose weight. I also feel like their eyes are on me as I eat... and they always seem to serve food that doens't sit well with me or my band, and I end up leaving most of it for fear of something getting stuck
4. I'm focusing too much on what I haven't achieved. Coming up to 1 year banded and I've only lost 17kg. See? I said only.... 17kg lost in 1 year is pretty freaking awesome... yet, I expected alot more for myself ... and so I am disappointed. However, 17kg lost in one year is nothing to be sniffed at! I have to keep thinking about what I have accomplished...
5. Junk Food will ALWAYS be the easiest food to eat... especially ice cream, chocolate, biscuits, lollies...
6. Getting this band was the BEST thing I could have done..

So, I guess this post is a message to all those of you who are newly banded or who are thinking of taking the plunge...

DO IT... but realise that this is not a cure... you will still have to work through your own issues with food, the band just makes it that little bit easier..

LBG xx


mjwdec73 said...

Okay, 17kg is freaking awesome - and keeping it off is even better. Where would you be if you hadn't had the band?

Coming at this from a newbies perspective, reading your blog is really helpful - I can see it isn't going to be easy. And your support is fantastic. Thanks xox

Reney said...

Hey girl!

Your last paragraph is SOOOO right on!

Erika you are doing great!!!