Sunday, August 26, 2012

PostPregnacy Lapband Update

I had my gall bladder out on 29th August 2011. For that surgery I needed to have some fill taken out. After a month, I visited my GI surgeon and had that fill put back in. Funnily enough, it was on that day I got my BFP and found out I was pregnant with #2. I was in two minds about getting fill put back in, but knew that I really did need to because I had gained a few pounds since having the fill out for my surgery.

Fast forward to 1 year later, and here I am. The pregnancy is over, I'm 11 weeks post partum and now I need to seriously start looking at my diet and lifestyle and how my lapband will play a part in that. I know, from 5.5 years of having this band, that it is no longer going to be the only thing that will help me lose the weight. I managed to lose 30kg for my wedding in 2008, and since then, with 2 pregnancies within 2 years, I have slowly gained back 20kg of those 30kg. In saying that, I feel wonderful. I love being a mum, I'm happy. Deleriously happy with my two boys and husband. I wouldn't never have thought in a million years my life would be this awesome. I feel complete... well, almost.

While I am comfortable with being fat, I am not happy with the way I feel. The main reason is because I am not exercising... at all. Nothing, zip, nada. I feel so sluggish and slow. I miss that amazing adrenaline rush I got when I moved my body, especially when I was at my peak level a few years ago. I want to get back to that.. and the weight will sort itself out.

See, funnily enough, despite the fact that I have not had any fill in a year, my lapband is still doing it's job.. I still can't eat breakfast. I still vomit if I eat too fast. I still can't eat bread or pasta. But I enjoy my food, good food... I will not eat low fat stuff. I enjoy cooking with cream and butter. My portions are WAY WAY smaller than normal although usually I can just eat everything and anything and it's like I don't even have a lapband.

I'm also a big believer in a primal, unprocessed, whole food diet, and this is how I am trying to eat at the moment. I believe in full fat cream, nuts, lots of meat, eggs, heaps and heaps of veges and fruit. Unfortunately, my husband still brings food home that shouldn't be in our household and yes I do eat it. This is where exercise will play a huge part in controlling my weight.

So then plan? Join the gym, when I start back at work in October. We cant affort it at the moment. In the mean time, work on the diet and go for walks (even though I really don't like walking). When #2 is older (6 months +) I will be able to leave both kids with DH and get back to the gym. At the moment, it's not fair to leave him with the two kids, especially when I'm breastfeeding.

Sorry, that was a bit of a ramble.. but I just wanted to get that out on "paper".

Thanks for reading!

LBG xx

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P.P.S here is a photo of my two beautiful boys. I heart them so much!

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adorkbl said...

absolutely precious shot of your boys. so sweet.